Email Validation, sort it out!

So, I am sure a lot of you know that in gmail (and I am guessing other email, but I have no real knowledge because I use gmail all the time) that you can add ‘+’ within your email address and then another word(s) and that will still work (if you don’t check out a little something from Goog on the matter here). I use this all the time for a number of reasons, one is that I can set up rules easily to put emails into specific folders, the other, is so that if my email finds its way onto the black market, or a spam network for example, I can tell who is responsible for it getting there.


British Police Training on Cyber Crime

So, before I start, I have got to point out that I have zero beef with the police nor the effort that their officers no doubt put into solving cyber crimes, that being said, this article that I just read on The Register is somewhat of a worry. (more…)

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