How to Edit IGTV descriptions…

So, after my previous post about IGTV I have discovered how it is possible to edit descriptions on Instagram TV, allow me to show you how.

So, lets get the bad stuff out the way first, you can’t do it on the app nor the Instagram app, you have to do it via the website. Yes, this is strange, for years people have wanted to be able to upload photos from the desktop to Instagram but its been impossible, however, along comes IGTV and you can suddenly upload vertical video from your pc, not only that but the desktop experience allows you to upload videos and save them as drafts, a feature that, unless I am missing it, the app doesn’t cater for.

Anyway, I digress.

Editing IGTV Descriptions

If you have uploaded an IGTV video and you want to edit the description, its pretty simple, all you need to do is log into Instagram in the browser, you then go to the button in the middle of the screen that says IGTV and click on that.

Where is IGTV in the browser

From here it is possible to select your videos…

Select a video on IGTV

…and once you have, you just have to click on the three little dots in the bottom right, click ‘Edit Video’…

Select 'Edit' IGTV description

…you can edit them by simply over writing what was there before.

IGTV Edit description interface

You then hit save and your description is saved.

Will this come to the app?

I have no idea, I assume that at some point there will be some differentiation between the IGTV app and the Instagram app, why would you bother to have both otherwise, and whilst its not a ‘must have’ feature, I have already uploaded a video and forgotten to add my hashtags at the bottom of it, so its not a feature that wouldn’t be welcomed.

Have you found any ways to work IGTV in a better manner? let me know either on my Instagram or twitter.

Have a great day!


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