Social Animals looks interesting

Just caught wind of a documentary about social media that looks pretty decent, its called Social Animals and it appears to document both the pros and the cons of three young kids making their way on social media, it appears from the trailer to focus on Instagram.

It appeals to me for a number of reasons, firstly, from what I have read (check out The Verge’s article here), that it isn’t one of these documentaries that sets out to either show how terrible social media is, nor shy away from the bad stuff either. I think the reality is, that in most groups, be they hobbies, politics or whatever, that there will be extremes, and whilst there are few who live at those extremes, they are also, to me at least, probably the most interesting people and those with the most interesting stories to tell. It also doesn’t hurt that I absolutely love the urban explorers currently all over youtube here in the UK (NightScape, Ally Law, James Kingston etc) and one of the three main characters is an urban explorer.


I had a quick scout about on their website : but couldn’t obviously see a release date or anything like that, I assume its one of these things where they show it at SXSW and then try and get distribution etc, familiarity with the ‘movie business’ is not something that I can claim a lot of, but regardless, my hope is that Netflix or Amazon pick it up so that I can see it, and do so soon, so I can see it while its still current.

What are your thoughts? Are you sceptical of people when they make, what I guess can be sensational documentaries that don’t reflect the experiences of the majority, or do you like seeing how these extremes play out? I would love to hear your thoughts, as always, let me know @charlesgreig.

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