Not Average Podcast Ep2

In this episode of the podcast I touch on Arsenal’s game against Vorskla Poltava in the Ukraine and how it must be strange to be a player or fan and just be expected to buzz into a potential war zone to watch or play and everything will be OK (UEFA have moved the fixture because of martial law being declared where it should have initially taken place). 

I also talk about the crazy amount of technology in fitness or sport and how we probably, definitely don’t need it, but how some of it can be super expensive and emotive (don’t tell a runner about trainers, it will make them shake their heads) – this is because I am trying to increase my fitness by doing Couch to 5k running, will I have success? who knows!

I finish off with a quick thought about Amazon Alexa and how I use it in my house and how I think I will expand my use of it being as I am a big fan.

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