How NOT to grow your Iinstagram following to 10k in a week!

I am really bored of watching videos on YouTube of people telling me how to grow my Instagram following by some insane amount in 30 days or something, what makes me even more annoyed is that a large amount of them basically tell you to repost content from other more successful accounts, usually going into how to rob them of their best content. If nothing else, this is SO low class, at worse I think it should be illegal.


In Defence of the Galaxy Fold

I did a quick video to explain my views on the now delayed Samsung Galaxy Fold folding screen mobile phone.

I basically say that its a first generation product and make some analogies to some other first generation products, check it out here :

Thanks – Charles Greig

Not Average Podcast Ep5

Today I have a quick sprint over the forthcoming North London Derby, because, well, it interests me, followed by a sprinking of pre-christmas technology.


Not Average Podcast Ep4

Today we blitz over the sport section, because, well, nothing particularly exciting happened in sports so far as I am concerned since last we spoke. We then go on to talk about Google vs Congress and how politicians don’t know anything about technology. Next up is 3D printing and finally I talk about an article I wrote on 

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Podcasting – how to

Podcasting seems to be pretty hot right now so it stands to reason that you would want to get either yourself or your business in on some of that good good exposure. Well, let me help you on your road to being the next podcast sensation.


Not Average Podcast Ep 3

Starting off with the North London Derby between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur this is a pretty sport heavy episode, going from that to Man U away and finishing up with a bit of sexism in sport and how it relates to, or doesnt, the treatment of Ada Hegerberg at the Ballon d’Or, then onto hacking Quora and the likes and if we really are casting the wrong people as the bad guys with those situations in the media (the hacking, not the sexism).


Not Average Podcast Ep2

In this episode of the podcast I touch on Arsenal’s game against Vorskla Poltava in the Ukraine and how it must be strange to be a player or fan and just be expected to buzz into a potential war zone to watch or play and everything will be OK (UEFA have moved the fixture because of martial law being declared where it should have initially taken place). 


Not Average Podcast Ep1

In this, the first episode of Not Average, I give a little run down of what I’m hoping to achieve with this podcast, introduce myself and discuss actually making a podcast, being as that was why we find ourselves here in the first place. I talk about using Audacity for recording, PowerPress plugin from BluBrry and getting your podcast on Spotify or iTunes. Have a listen, let me know what you think and if you have any comments, hit me up on Twitter

Not Average Podcast

Introduction to the Not Average Podcast EP0

IGTV Dead?

Is IGTV dead? I can’t remember the last time I saw anyone going on about it in the media, I can’t remember the last time I saw someone I care about posting anything on it. Maybe I have amnesia or I am reading the wrong sources, but damn son, it really feels like Instagram has just put that out there and then just kinda let it die.

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